MSCRMFaxRouterService Event ID 0

By popular demand (i.e. someone once suggested) I have created a blog to post all the solutions I ever find.  My first one will be solving an issue with the MS CRM Fax Service.
Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of Event ID 0 entries for the MSCRMFaxRouterService in the event log on our Small Business Server.  My guess is it got turned on when another user was going through some training.  The solution to allow the Fax Server to continue to run is easy.  I found it on the CWR Mobility blog.  It’s just a matter of changing the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSet ServicesMSCRMFaxRouterServiceFoldersInfo key so it matches your server’s actual configuration.
In our case, my solution is to disable the fax service. 
Oh, and wouldn’t seem obvious that a blog post title should be a permalink for the post?  I hate having to search every link in a post to figure out which one is a permalink.

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  1. 1 Andy

    Well, it looks like Live Spaces doesn’t make the title a link, either… but at least there’s a link that says "Permalink."

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