Installing Dynamics GP 10.0 with .Net 2.0 SP1


As many people have discovered, the Dynamics GP 10.0 installer doesn’t correctly detect .Net 2.0 SP1.  Microsoft has published a knowledge base article with transforms and instructions (Partners only) to get the client installed (thanks to Jivtesh Singh for pointing me there).

Their instructions give you a base install as a named instance without any of the features installed.  We wanted to use the default instance and didn’t want to go through the trouble having to go into Add/Remove Programs on each client to get the features we needed installed.

After some research into msiexec and some Googleing, we came up with this command to install a default instance with all features except Human Resources, Manufacturing, and Payroll:

msiexec /i "\gpdev01clientGreatPlains.msi" SQL_SERVER_NAME="gpdev01" INSTALLDIR="C:Program FilesMicrosoft DynamicsGP" SELECTED_COUNTRY="United States" TRANSFORMS=\gpdev01clientskipdotnetcheck.mst ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=HRM,MFG,PA /qb+

We removed the :Inst01; and _NAME="instancename" MSINEWINSTANCE=1 from the command so that we can use the default instance.

ADDLOCAL=ALL tells the installer to install all of the features available, but the REMOVE=HRM,MFG,PA following it says don’t install Human Resources, Manufacturing, and Payroll.  I got the list from an older newsgroup post on GP 9.0 installation.  The list of Feature IDs (I’m not sure if they are valid for GP 10.0) they had was:

A4 A4
AA Analytical Accounting
BM Bank Management
CPR Canadian Payroll
CM Collections Management
DDR Direct Debit Refunds
PMEFT EFT for Payables Management
RMEFT EFT for Receivables Management
EREC Electronic Bank Reconcile
EM Encumbrance Management
EI Enhanced Intrastat
FAM Fixed Asset management
GM Grant Management
HRM Human Resources
MFG Manufacturing
MLCHECKS Multilingual Checks
PDM Payment Document Management
PA Project Accounting
RED Revenue/Expense Deferrals
SP Safe Pay
SI Scheduled Instalments
SLB SmartList Builder

This is going to save us a lot of time installing at customer sites, now.


3 Responses to “Installing Dynamics GP 10.0 with .Net 2.0 SP1”

  1. 1 Pooja

    Do we need Windows Installer for Installing Dynamics GP 10.0??
    If yes, which version?

    I have SQL 2005 installed on my computer with .NET Framework 2.0
    After that, I try installing GP 10.0, but when I click on ‘Install Dynamics GP 10.0’, nothing comes up.

    Any answer will be appreciated.

  2. 2 Andy

    Hey, Jivtesh,
    To specify only one or a few features, you can use the ADDLOCAL= for the features you want.
    For instance, to add Human Resources and Collections Management, you would use ADDLOCAL=HRM,CM in place of ADDLOCAL=ALL, and you wouldn’t have the REMOVE= option at all.
    I only went the ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=… route because we were installing all but a few features.

  3. 3 Jivtesh

    Hey Andy,Thanks for the additional information. Just curious, what if somebody wants to install one specific module ? Would they have to put in all features in remove ?Jivtesh

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