Alerts for Windows Live Spaces Comments


I recently found out that one of my posts had been getting some attention, since it helped solve an uncommon and difficult error.  Unfortunately, I incorrectly thought I would automagically be notified when a comment was added to one of my posts.  It wasn’t until a couple of months later when someone sent me a message through Windows Live which I did receive an e-mail for that I learned I had been helping people.  (Why would I read my own blog?)

I spent some time searching through all the settings in Spaces, but couldn’t find anything about getting notifications for comments.  Finally, tonight, I was trying to find some kind of workaround when I started looking for my RSS feed link.  After scrolling down to the bottom of my sidebar, I found the RSS link in the Visitor Tools module.  I noticed there was a Sign up for alerts link, so I thought I’d try it.


When I clicked on it, I was happy to see there was an option for Comments!  And they even recommended it for me. 


Now, hopefully, I will receive an e-mail notification when someone posts a comment to my blog.


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