Declan Rides, Again! (For the First Time)


ConcentrateToday was the first really nice day of the year that we could take Declan outside to play.  This was a great opportunity for him to ride his Easter present he got from his Godmother.  He had plenty of practice inside, so we knew he’d enjoy it.

He can’t steer, yet, so he keeps one hand on the handle to push the button and holds on to the center bar for his life.  The four-wheeler starts off pretty quick and gives him a good jolt.  He loves it.

The whole time outside he spent looking around.  He’d drive a few feet, look around, drive a few more feet, look around, again.  He really used the four-wheeler more to get to the next thing to look at then as a toy.  You can see the intense concentration on his face.

Easy RiderUsually, when you offer to carry him, Declan won’t hesitate to come to you.  After about half an hour of riding around, there was no way I was going to coax Declan to let me take him.  I had to peel him off the four-wheeler, and he still held on tight to the handle bar.

I can’t wait to get him out more this summer.  I have no doubt that he’ll love it.



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