Hyper-V RC1 Release Today


Paul Thurrott let us know that he received an e-mail saying Hyper-V RC1 will be released, today.

The RC1 Evaluation copy of the code will be made available here  for download by EOD on May 20th. For more information, please check out the STB News Bytes Blog  or Virtualization and Consolidation.

Since upgrading from the CTP to RC0, we haven’t had any problems running machines on Hyper-V.  We’re even running our Exchange 2007 server in a 64-bit, 2-core virtual machine.  Since it’s running so well, and I’m going on vacation next week, we’ll probably hold off on upgrading until RTM (or RTW, whichever). 

I guess that’s the biggest problem with Hyper-V.  When you have 6 or 7 machines running on one, it can take a little longer to shutdown all the guests for a reboot.  With its reliability at RC0, though, we’ll probably never reboot after the final release (yes, we’ll still patch!).

The Windows Virtualization Team Blog has some cool information on Microsoft’s use of Hyper-V for MSDN and TechNet.

The success of Hyper-V as a web platform for both MSDN and TechNet for performance and stability has given us the confidence to accelerate our plans to implement Hyper-V for many of the other sites we run, such as the live traffic testing of www.microsoft.com on Hyper-V, which we have already started.


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