Windows 8 Tip: Use Desktop IE By Default


imageI’m on my second day of using Windows 8 as a secondary desktop at work.  As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been using it along with the Office 2013 Preview to have access to my “other” domain accounts.  With Mouse without Borders it’s been a pretty great experience, and I’ve gotten to actually use a lot of the new features in Windows 8.  I especially like having the MetroTwit app docked to the side.

One of the things I haven’t liked, though, is links opening in the Metro Windows 8 style Internet Explorer.  Since I spend most of my time on the desktop and am using a mouse, the Windows 8 style IE can kind of get in the way.  Here’s how I changed it so IE and links open in the desktop IE.  (I’m going to avoid the alternative browser discussion for the time being Winking smile)

  1. Click the Desktop tile on your home screen
  2. Open Internet Explorer from the taskbar
  3. In Internet Explorer click on the gear icon and select Internet options
  4. In Internet options, select the Programs tab
  5. For “Choose how you open links” select “Always in Internet Explorer on the desktop
  6. Check the box for “Open Internet Explorer tiles on the desktop (this will cause the IE link on your Start screen to open on the desktop)
  7. Click the OK button
    Now your links, such as from MetroTwit, will open in IE on your desktop.  I have a feeling I’ll appreciate the Windows 8 style IE on a tablet, though, and won’t be making this change when using a touch screen.

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