A Windows 8 Win


I got my work laptop just over 2 years ago, and had been using the same install of Windows 7 since then.  This is actually quite a long time for me to go without reinstalling Windows.  It was getting really slow and I had been planning on doing a fresh install once I got through a couple of projects.  I would boot the computer, log in, go make coffee and get breakfast, come back, and still have to wait for programs to load.  Although I am able to avoid malware, I still tend to bog down a machine with everything I like to try out.

Over Labor Day weekend, I decided to make the jump to Windows 8.  I figured worst case I’d have to install a Windows 7 virtual machine in Hyper-V if I needed to target Win7 for development.  Now I’ve been running a few days with Windows 8 Enterprise, Visual Studio 2010, and Office 2013.  I can say I couldn’t be happier.

This machine is FAST now.  I’m able to boot in seconds and be working within a couple of minutes.  (Although I still think a SSD would make huge difference with my build times in my larger solution.)

The new UI hasn’t gotten in my way, either.  Using the new Start has been a painless transition.  I spend most of my time on the desktop in Visual Studio and Office anyways, so I just have my programs pinned to the task bar.

The biggest win was just this morning I was able to boot, open a project in Visual Studio, and run the project all in a few minutes.  I was able to help someone out before I even left for the office just because I didn’t have to worry about waiting minutes just to get to the point where I could open Visual Studio.

So I guess my opinion on Windows 8 is really good right now.  😀


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