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I got my work laptop just over 2 years ago, and had been using the same install of Windows 7 since then.  This is actually quite a long time for me to go without reinstalling Windows.  It was getting really slow and I had been planning on doing a fresh install once I got through […]

Thanks to everyone who was able to make it to the Evansville DNUG meeting today.  Here are my presentation materials and other resources. Slides: View | Download CSS3 Media Queries demo: Download Other Resources: Mobile Support in ASP.NET Simulating an iPhone or iPad browser for ASP.NET Mobile Web Development with WebMatrix 2 or Visual […]

In the past I’ve had multiple computers setup in my office, and I wanted to share the mouse and keyboard between them.  I’ve used Synergy and Input Director in the past with mixed results.  At the time I tried it, Synergy just didn’t work well with Windows 7 and was a bit of a pain […]

Today Microsoft shipped the Release Candidate (RC) of Expression Blend 3.  You can download it from here.  It also includes Sketchflow, whatever that may be. If you’ve been waiting for Intellisense and Team Foundation Server source control integration in Blend, this is a must for you.  I’ve been able to try them out, and it […]

I just saw an announcement on Microsoft’s Server and Tools blog that Hyper-V is going to be available for download at noon PST (2PM for us Central folks), today.  Just in time, too, since we have a Server 2008 RC server that finally needs to be updated to 2008 RTM (or SP1, for those who […]

Paul Thurrott let us know that he received an e-mail saying Hyper-V RC1 will be released, today. The RC1 Evaluation copy of the code will be made available here  for download by EOD on May 20th. For more information, please check out the STB News Bytes Blog  or Virtualization and Consolidation. Since upgrading from the […]

Today was the first really nice day of the year that we could take Declan outside to play.  This was a great opportunity for him to ride his Easter present he got from his Godmother.  He had plenty of practice inside, so we knew he’d enjoy it. He can’t steer, yet, so he keeps one […]