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I decided to try the Windows Live Mail client on my Vista machine, so I installed with the Windows Live Installer from the Live website.  After installation, I tried running it and got a dialog saying “Please wait while Windows configures Windows Live mail.” Every time I ran the application I would get this dialog.  […]

One of the exciting things I was anticipating in Visual Studio 2008 was the multi-targeting capabilities.  After having to have 2 IDEs installed for a couple of years, my first thought was that I didn’t want another Visual Studio installed.  Then I learned about VS 2008’s ability to work with .Net 2.0 and 3.0 as […]

From the MSDN Subscriptions WebLog: Visual Studio 2008 is now live on MSDN Subscriber Downloads As of 0900 (PST) on Monday November 19, 2007. You have two avenues to download the files you are entitled to 1. Top Subscriber Downloads (make sure to allow popups)  2. Suscriber Downloads and Product Keys link Enjoy! I’m downloading […]

We’ve been installing a lot of servers, lately, and some of them have SQL Server 2005.  When running updates, VS2005SP1 always fails on them.  Until today, I finally found a fix in the comments of Michael Howard’s Web Log. # re: Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 Update for Windows Vista Beta Available OK guys, […]

I finally got the e-mail address I’ve been waiting for, thanks to Paul Thurrott alerting everyone.  Get yours before they’re all gone! I saw in the announcement that email addresses are finally available, but couldn’t figure out where you’d go to get one. Fortunately, LiveSide has the scoop: Microsoft just enabled the @live.xx […]



  I’ve always been impressed with Tim Burton’s work.  This short from 1982 continues the trend.  Thanks go to Neatorama for the heads-up.

We took Declan to visit his Aunt on Sunday.  They got a shot of the look of horror on the scary clown’s face as his dad was about viciously attack tickle him!   On a happier note, I think Declan loved his baby food and picture frame.  Even though we wouldn’t let him eat the […]